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Juneau TV Transmitters

The following map shows the locations and channels of all currently operating TV stations in Juneau.

Click on each marker for a list of stations & channels broadcast from that site.

Red markers are sites with analog transmitters.
Blue markers are sites with digital transmitters.
Purple markers are sites with both digital and analog transmitters.

Some of the analog low power stations will be converting to digital in the near future.

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The "RF" number for digital channels (EG: {RF: 10} ) denotes the Radio Frequency number of the station. RF numbers below 13 are VHF stations, RF numbers above 14 are UHF stations.
VHF stations can be received using "Rabbit ear" type antennas. UHF stations can be received using Flatter antennas.
Most roof-top antennas can receive both VHF and UHF signals.

Page updated: 6/12/09