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DTV Converter Boxes

A "DTV Converter Box" is an external digital TV tuner that can be used to tune in Digital TV stations and convert that signal to an Analog signal for an Analog TV or VCR.

DTV Converter Boxes ONLY work with over-the-air DTV signals.
They will NOT work with Cable-TV.

To receive GCI's Digital cable TV signal, you will need a "digital cable" ("QAM") tuner. Generally GCI's cable boxes are the simplest option and are guaranteed to work with their system.
Satellite TV has been Digital for many years now, the satellite receiver provided by DishNet or DirecTV is the only tuner you will need to watch satellite TV.

If you have a TV with a built in Digital tuner, you do not need a DTV converter box. See the "General DTV Info" page for details.

Some Juneau TV stations will not be switching to digital in 2009. To continue receiving these stations, you will need a converter box that supports "Analog Pass-through", a feature which allows the analog signals from TV stations to pass through the box to your existing analog TV.

AFD is a feature that allows the converter box to automatically adjust the aspect ratio to the viewer's TV in the most suitable way for any paticular program. As of 1/26/09, no digital Juneau stations are broadcasting AFD codes, but may in the future.

TV converter boxes are available from the following stores in Juneau:
Picture Make Model Price Analog Pass-through AFD
Fred Meyer - 6/12/09
Magnavox TB100MW9 Maganvox TB100MW9 $54.99 YES NO
Philco TB100HH9 Philco
No longer available
TB100HH9 $54.99 YES ?
Radio Shack (Nugget Mall) - 6/12/09
Digital Stream DTX9950 Digital Stream
No longer available
DTX9950 $59.99 YES NO
Digital Stream DTX9950 Digital Stream
No longer available
DTX9900 $59.99 NO ?
Radio Shack (Western Auto) - 6/12/09
Airlink 101 ATVC102 Airlink 101 ATVC102 $69.99 YES ?
Digital Stream DTX9950 Digital Stream DTX9950 $59.99 YES NO
Zenith DTT901 Zenith
No longer available
DTT901 $59.99 YES YES
Artec T3AP Pro Artec
No longer available
T3AP Pro $69.99 YES ?
Sears - 6/12/09
Magnavox TB100MG9 Maganvox
Out of stock
TB100MG9 $49.99 YES ?
Wal-Mart - 6/12/09
Magnavox TB100MW9 Maganvox TB110MW9 $55.87 YES NO
No longer available
DTA800 $55.87 NO NO
Dates reflect the last time the store in question was checked.
Prices are normal sticker price before the $40 coupon discount or any temporary sales. (At the time of this writing, the Philco unit at Fred Meyer was on sale for $49.99, with the coupon, the box would cost $9.99 plus tax. However the normal sticker "pre-sale" price was $54.99, as is indicated in the table.)