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Juneau TV Stations

Stations are listed by their "primary" channel number.

Stations in red are currently off air.

Station Aff. Location Analog Digital* GCI Cable Dish Network** DirecTV
Locally broadcast (Over the air) channels
Alaska One
PBS Juneau 4 Lmn. Crk.
6 Mend. Vly.
3.1 {10.1} Dtn. Jun. 10 3 / 9383  
360 North
AK2 Juneau   3.2 {10.2} Dtn. Jun. 18 70 / 9384 3-2
NBC for S.E. Alaska
NBC Juneau 5 Dtn. Jun.   15 5 / 9380 5
AK Superstation
ABC Juneau 13 Mend. Vly. 8.1 {11.1} Dtn. Jun. 8 8 / 9378 8
Juneau CW CW Juneau   8.2 {11.2} Dtn. Jun. 2    
KCBJ-LP - Juneau 15 Slmn. Crk.        
CBS S.E. Alaska
CBS Juneau   24.1 {24.1} Dtn. Jun. 14 13 / 9379 13
Locally originated cable channels
The GCI Channel GCI Juneau     1    
JDTV [Edu. Acc] J.S.D. Juneau     6    
[Gov. Acc] C.B.J. Juneau     7    
UATV [Edu. Acc] AK3 Juneau     11    
[Com. Acc] GCI Juneau     12    
The Channel Ch. GCI Juneau     19    
KATH-HDThis channel carries HDTV programming. NBC Juneau     652 This channel carries HDTV programming.    
Other Alaska stations available in Juneau
KDMD-TV PAX Anchorage     3    
KTBY-TV This channel carries HDTV programming. FOX Anchorage     4   4 This channel carries HDTV programming.
Alaska One
PBS Fairbanks         9
Alaska OneThis channel carries HDTV programming.
PBS Fairbanks     657 This channel carries HDTV programming.   9-2 This channel carries HDTV programming.

* Digital channels may be broadcast on a frequency other than the channel number presented to the viewer. When this is the case, the frequency number is denoted in {curly brackets}. This is important to consider when selecting an antenna. Stations with a frequency 14 or higher are UHF stations and need a UHF antenna. Stations with a frequency of 13 or lower are VHF stations and need a VHF antenna.

** DishNet broadcasts local stations on channel numbers in the 9000+ range, but many receivers can also access these stations by their primary channel number, so both are listed.

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